Differences Between the Non Surgical Nose Job and Traditional Surgical Rhinoplasty NYC New York NY

Traditional rhinoplasty is a procedure done under IV sedation or general anesthesia with several weeks of down time, and a relatively painful recovery. Patients are routinely severely bruised for several weeks. The non surgical nosejob is done after only application of local numbing cream for about half an hour.
Unlike a rhinoplasty where the patient is unconscious, with this procedure, the patient is an active participant in the procedure. The patient has a mirror in his or her hand and can help guide the procedure.
There is virtually no down time, so one can return to work or social life immediately. People can be mildly swollen for a few days and rarely get slightly bruised. In a study which t the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, 50 percent of patients can get mild bruising which may last for 3 to 4 days and mild swelling for several days.
There is very little post op pain if any at all, unlike several weeks of pain involved with traditional surgery.
Just like the use of Botox has revolutionized the way we think of treating forehead and frown lines, this technique has revolutionized how we think of changing the shape of an individual’s nose. If you have always desired to have a smoother profile but have been apprehensive of surgery due to risks, pain and down time, then consider this non-surgical 15 minute nose job as an alternative procedure. Please make an appointment to discuss if the non-surgical (15 minute) nose job is right for.